We are hiring!

Calls for six positions with the Pain Research Group are open! We are looking for:

  1. A postdoc (assistant professor) within the Maestro 12 grant „Un(learning) pain by consequences. Development of the learning theory of placebo effects” (PI: Prof. Przemysław Bąbel):

  2. A lab manager (scientific and technical worker) within the Maestro 12 grant: https://psychologia.uj.edu.pl/en_GB/aktualnosci/wiadomosci-z-instytutu/-/journal_content/56_INSTANCE_3Wh6/110813215/148502079

  3. Four Master or PhD students: two within the Maestro 12 grant and two within the Opus 20 grant „Overcome the nocebo effect with the placebo effect. The use of learning processes to reverse nocebo hyperalgesia” (PI: Dr. Elżbieta A. Bajcar): https://psychologia.uj.edu.pl/en_GB/aktualnosci/wiadomosci-z-instytutu/-/journal_content/56_INSTANCE_3Wh6/110813215/148425024

The summary of the Maestro 12 project can be found here: https://ncn.gov.pl/sites/default/files/listy-rankingowe/2020-06-15vpaw/streszczenia/491348-en.pdf 


The summary of the Opus 20 project can be found here:



The deadline for applications is September 20, 2021.