Article by Wacław Adamczyk published in PAIN

A "touch-gate" phenomenon - pain inhibits precision of touch perception and not the other way around, a new study by a member of the Pain Research Group, Wacław Adamczyk, MSc, revealed. Participants were exposed to either acute pain induced by saline injection, a sham injection or no intervention (controls). The study has shown that participants experiencing acute pain lost their ability to discriminate tactile stimuli. Results were published in the current issue of PAIN, an official journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain.

Adamczyk, W. M., Saulicz, O., Saulicz, E. i Luedtke, K. (2018). Tactile acuity (dys)function in acute nociceptive low back pain: a double-blind experiment. Pain, 159(3), 427-436.