The Pain Research Group was founded in 2011 at the Institute of Psychology of the Jagiellonian University by Przemysław Bąbel, PhD.

Research conducted by the group includes:

  • Psychological mechanisms of placebo
  • Psychological factors modifying the experience of pain
  • Psychological factors modifying the memory of pain

The first line-up of the Pain Research Group was comprised of Przemysław Bąbel, PhD, Patryk Mazurkiewicz, MA, Leszek Pieniążek, MD, Niwad Putteeraj, MA, Karolina Świder, MSc, MA, and Dariusz Zarotyński, MD. In the following years also Natalia Lisińska, MA and Paweł Kicman, MA worked for the group.

Current members of the Pain Research Group include: Przemysław Bąbel, PhD, Elżbieta Anita Bajcar, PhD, Dominika Farley, PhD, Wacław Adamczyk, MSc, Karolina Wiercioch-Kuzianik, MSc, Karolina Świder, MA, Jakub Nastaj, MA and Ewa Buglewicz.

The group is conducting research within several projects funded by the National Science Centre in Poland. Our studies meet the highest ethical standards. All the study protocols were approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the Institute of Psychology of the Jagiellonian University.